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#2416  Battery Operated Taper Candle with Timer ~ Burnt Mustard/Cinnamon
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**Candles are tested to ensure they are in working order when they arrive to our customers**

This unique taper has a component that allows you to turn the candle on for 6 hours and, after the 6 hours, it'll automatically turn off for 18 hours. For instance, if you turn the candle on at 6:00pm, it'll turn off at 12:00am and then turn back on again at 6:00pm everyday.

How do you do this?  First, you need to insert your two AA batteries (not included) by twisting off the bottom of the taper.  Insert your batteries, then replace the bottom of the taper candle by twisting clockwise. 

To turn on, be sure to turn it clockwise all the way until the bulb is lit.  Do this at the time when you wish for your candle to turn on.  The candle will automatically turn off in 6 hours.  If you wish to turn it off manually, simply twist the bottom slightly counterclockwise until the bulb is no longer lit for a permanent off position.

No more walking around the house twisting your tapers on and off each night....brilliant!

Measures 6" tall.



Our Price:  $8.00  

Units:       candle holder sold separately
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